ROMA LUCERO, Bennington College 2018

I am a student at Bennington college, focused in film and performance art. During the months of January through May, I have been given the opportunity to be a part of Bennington College’s Frankenthaler Fellows Program. Because of the incredible support of the Helen Frankenthaler Foundation, and the hard work of Elizabeth White, Paige Bartels, and many others at the college, six Bennington students (including myself) will be able to live in NYC and work at various museums for five months, while taking courses at the Foundation.


The Bennington College Frankenthaler Fellows Program is an immersive educational opportunity in which students gain professional work experience at a major cultural institution; visit exhibitions and study multiple aspects of the art world with Bennington faculty; and meet artists, curators, and other arts and culture leaders.
Integrating learning across several interwoven contexts, the Frankenthaler Fellows Program spans the college’s 7-week Field Work Term and the Spring Term, fulfilling the FWT requirement and representing a full load of 16 credits.
Formerly known as the Museum Fellows.