The Banker’s Guide to Art

Documentary taking an inside look at the high-stakes and sometimes murky world of art collecting.
In recent years, the value of London’s art market has soared to unprecedented heights, driven by the nouveau riche of the financial world, whose money has poured into the bank accounts of dealers, galleries and auction houses.


According to investment manager, Jim Chanos, the art market tends to do better during times of income inequality.  During times of economic strife, new records in art sales have been set, which poses the question: How do prices for art continue to climb to such “stupid” heights, when the money seems to be disappearing from every other economic system?

Noah Charney, an art historian definitively states the importance of following the rules of the art world in order to succeed in making a profit, while also insinuating that his job requires an understanding that a collector must listen to whatever Charney, or his colleagues, request of a collector, or the collector may be left out in the cold never to make anything off of the art they purchase. How does one begin to collect in order to move up in the art market food chain, when beginner collectors cannot afford to pay  for the services of an art dealer/historian, while also paying the expected prices of the works chosen for them?


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