Visiting the Met’s newest exhibition, feat. Fashion!

Entering the exhibition from the stairwell.


Today I went to the Met to see one of their temporary exhibitions (ending Feb 5, 2017), Masterworks: Unpacking Fashion.

The exhibit is located on the ground floor of the museum under the Egyptian wing. The Metropolitan Museum of Art is an expansive maze of corridors, leading from hallways covered by highly decorated ancient Egyptian ruins, to great halls adorned by American Nineteenth Century Portraits, to rooms with dimly lit showcases displaying delicate Japanese glasswares.

VIKTOR & ROLFE – Spring/Summer Collection, 2010. The first dress on display once you enter the gallery space.



As I made my way through this maze, I found my way down tan marble stairs to the ground floor, and as I entered a dimly lit gallery, I marveled at displays featuring the most alluring and daringly intricate clothing I have ever seen.


Giuseppe Zanotti – Red Patent Leather Heelless High Heels
Giuseppe Zanotti – Patent Leather Heelless High Heels




Name brands such as Christian Louboutin and Alexander McQueen are featured in this exhibit, each offering a different take on the high heel and the evening dress, as well as several other garments.


One of my favorite displays in the exhibit is a pairing of a jacket and dress, both Alexander McQueen designs. The orange jacket is printed with navy blue swallows gliding down the bodice from padded shoulders. The dress is made to appear completely covered in monarch butterflies, designed with a structured high neck and sleeveless.

Alexander McQueen: Jacket from the 1995 spring/summer collection.  Dress from the 2011 spring/summer collection.

I easily spend three hours in the museum. Once I have made my way back outside, a cold blast of wind and a darkening sky remind me that one can so very easily loose track of time in such an enthralling place as the Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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